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Tea tree oil 100% pure 30mls — £6.47

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Tea tree oil can be put directly on the skin without dilution.  
(for very sensitive skins it should be diluted in a vegetable oil)  
COLD SORES - dab on tea tree oil 3 times daily  
ACNE -tea tree works because of its antibacterial action. It also helps remove the pus which builds up, by solubilising it. Dab spots 3 times daily Try our tea tree face wash.  
CUTS/ABRASIONS - dab tea tree oil into cut  
NASAL CONGESTION - put a few drops of tea tree into a basin of boiling water then inhale  
the vapours.  
CLEANING - cleanse your kitchen work surfaces with our tea tree clear spray. Can also be used on bathroom surfaces to keep everything sparkling clean and germ free  
SORE THROAT - add 6 drops of tea tree to a glass of warm water and gargle as a mouthwash.  
TOOTHACHE - tea tree has anaesthetic properties which will help deaden the  
pain. It's antiseptic properties will help clean out infection.  
ATHLETES FOOT - use our tea tree foot spray regularly. It is a popular spray 
FRESH BREATH - add 6 drops of tea tree to a glass of warm water and gargle as a mouth wash.  
NAIL FUNGUS - soak nail for several minutes 3 times daily in neat tea tree oil.  
INSECT BITES - apply tea tree to sting or bites to guard against infection. We have tea tree roll-ons for easy application  
INSECT REPELLENT -tea tree is also repellent to bugs and insects so apply some when  
outdoors especially when on holiday. Use our tea tree soap regularly.  
FOOT ODOUR apply our tea tree foot spray to your sock drawer and to your shoes to keep your feet smelling fresh at all times.  
HAIR CARE - use our tea tree shampoo for occasional use and get your hair and scalp squeaky clean.  
SKIN CARE - our tea tree oil cream is a smooth, emollient cream with tea tree oil and a little geranium oil for circulation. The tea tree is easily absorbed by the skin. Our tea tree foot cream will keep your feet free from infection and deodorise at the same time. 
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