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Patchouli oil 100% pure 100mls — £13.55

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Latin name: Pogostemon cablin  
Source country: Most Asian countries  
Appearance: A dark red or brown very viscous liquid.  
Aroma: A heavy, strong balsamic aroma where a little goes a long way. Used in  
perfumes because of its masculine aroma.  
Derivation: The plant grows in hot climates but not direct sunlight. It is extracted by  
steam distillation of the plant leaves which can take place several times a year.  
Chemicals: Patchoulol and norpatchoulenol up to 50%, (where the aroma comes from),  
a-guaiene 15%, bulnesene 15%.  
Uses: It is mainly used in perfumery and has little toxicological activity. It is useful in de-  
stressing and the fragrance alone can have a beneficial effect psychologically. It is claimed  
that it may be useful as an all piurpose insect repellent. It is used in laundry detergents,  
after shave cosmetics, paper towels, and air fresheners. Not particularly anti bacterial and  
not antifungal unlike many essential oils. It is used for cracked and roughened skin where  
its hydrating properties help to heal. In this sense it is used to promote faster healing of  
wounds on the skin.  
Note: As with all pure essential oils, dilute appropriately with a suitable carrier oil  
before using on the skin. Do not take essential oils internally 
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