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Peppermint oil 100% pure 100mls — £13.55

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Latin name: Mentha Piperata  
Source country: Most regions of the world., USA.  
Aroma: Sweet menthol like cooling aroma.  
Appearance: Clear to light yellow thin liquid  
Derivation: Occurs in most habitats, normally in wet locations.  
Chemicals: Peppermint oil has a high menthol content which gives it a cooling effect.  
It also contains menthone, and menthyl esters particularly menthyl acetate which gives it  
the flavour and aroma.  
Uses: It has a wide variety of uses due to the effect of its natural chemicals.  
It is widely used in food and cosmetics and also has anti-inflammatory  
effects. In cosmetics it is used in hair, skin, and foot products. It has been  
found to be useful in irritable bowel syndrome (suitably diluted) and because  
of its anti-inflammatory effects can relieve pain particularly headaches and  
toothache. It can help in asthma due to the menthone content, and is  
excellent as a digestive remedy suitably diluted.  
Note: As with all pure essential oils, dilute appropriately with a suitable carrier oil before  
using on the skin. Do not take essential oils internally.  
Peppermint oil will not cause harm if taken internally providing it is well diluted before  
use - for example 1-2 drops of oil per large cup of tea 
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