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Rosemary oil 100% pure 10mls — £2.99

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Latin name: Rosemarinus officinalis  
Source country: Native to the Mediterranean  
Appearance: Clear to very pale yellow  
Aroma: Rich, warm, invigorating, sharp aroma.  
Derivation: Grows in most climates but best in warm drier climates. Can withstand  
drought conditions.  
Chemicals: Carnosic acid and rosemarinic acid are two of the antioxidants found in  
rosemary oil. Carnosic acid appears to have important effects on the brain. There is also  
camphor in rosemary leaves as well as other bio-active compounds such as caffeic acid,  
ursolic acid, and betulinic acid. These all contribute to its natural properties given below.  
Uses: Rosemary has a wide variety of uses and is extremely popular both as a herb and an  
oil. It is helpful for hair health and may stimulate hair growth, it is invigorating for the  
brain. It is used in cosmetics particularly skin care and mouthwash preparations. It may  
help with digestion problems respiratory problems as well as pain relief, and students use  
it to help with their mental faculties.  
There are two cautions - should not be used by pregnant women, or by those with epileptic  
Note: As with all pure essential oils, dilute appropriately with a suitable carrier oil  
before using on the skin. Do not take essential oils internally 
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