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Thyme oil white 100% pure 10mls — £4.99

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Latin name: Thymus vulgaris  
Source country: Warmer countries where it prefers sunny locations.  
Appearance: Both white and red varieties with corresponding colours.  
Aroma: Strong medicinal odour, herbal, camphoraceous.  
Derivation: The plant likes warm sunny locations and is common in warmer countries  
with high sunshine levels such as France and Spain.  
Chemicals: The major constituent is thymol - 15-40% depending on source - a strongly  
antiseptic compound which gives thyme its aroma and its properties. It also consists of  
common terpenoids such as pinene, thujene, terpinene, and linalool in varying  
Uses: It is widely used for its strong antiseptic properties. It is a major constituent in  
listerine mouthwash. The herb is used in many concoctions for various ailments from sore  
throats, to respiratory infections, to general infections. It has been used to combat nail  
infections on the feet because of its antiseptic properties. May help in the fight with colds  
and flu. May help with circulation problems. Also as a respiratory aid when inhaled.  
Note: As with all pure essential oils, dilute appropriately with a suitable carrier oil before  
using on the skin. Do not take essential oils internally.  
In the case of thyme oil, extreme care should be taken when using it because it is much  
stronger than the herb itself (in contrast to some other essential oils).Therefore use very  
diluted and test a patch of skin before applying more widely to the skin. 
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