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These are the most popular and useful natural essential oils. This shows a range of products featuring these three essential oils. 
EUCALYPTUS oil is strongly antibacterial and germicidal. The active natural principle is eucalyptol which has disinfectant properties.It also has an analgesic effect on muscular and joint pains. It can help break chest coughs and colds. It helps to sharpen the mind. Eucalyptus oil can be put directly on the skin but if you have sensitive skin dilute with a massage oil before putting on the skin. Apply to the pulse points for a cooling and stimulating effect on the mind and body. It works perfectly in a hot sauna to detoxify the atmosphere.Eucalyptus is very effective for a sick bed environment, and a few drops of the oil in a diffuser will help in a sick room. To lower a fever use our spray onto a linen calf and layer around your calves. A few drops of eucalyptus in your shampoo may help with dandruff. Always keep eucalyptus in your first aid cabinet - it is indispensable in winter when colds and flu are going around. Spray a little on your handkerchief and breathe it in regularly during the day to ward off germs. 
TEA TREE oil is an essential oil obtained by steam distillation of the leaves of the tree melaleuca alternifolia, a native Australian plant. It got its name as the leaves were used for making tea. However the oil derived from the leaves is now used medicinally. It is popular because it is effective and it is natural. Tea tree is effective because it contains high quantities of natural chemicals called terpenoids - which are antibiotic and antiseptic in nature. The most prevalent chemical in tea tree is terpenene-4-ol and the purity of tea tree is measured by the concentration of this chemical in the oil. It should be not less than 40% in good quality tea tree oil. 
Tea tree is used for minor general conditions such as acne, spots, skin blemishes, athletes foot, various types of foot fungus, scalp conditions such as dandruff, eczema and psoriasis, thrush and vaginitis, boils, lice some yeast infections . 
LAVENDER is the most used essential oil and its uses are well documented in respected aromatherapy books. 
Physical conditions - abscess, acne, arthritis pain, bites, blisters, bruises, minor burns, chestiness, dry cough, chilblains, swollen joints, cuts, dermatitis, exhaustion, headache tension, hot flushes, insect bites, nausea, stiff neck, overwork, PMT, sprains, stings, and sunburn. 
Phsychological conditions - fear, hysteria, impatience, insomnia, insecurity, irritability, mood swings, relaxation, restlessness, panic attacks, worry. 
SUMMERBEE STRONG ANTIBACTERIAL ESSENTIAL OIL is a combination of strong antibacterial oils. It comprises of clove bud, cinnamon bark, lemon, eucalyptus, and rosemary oils. The combination works in synergy. The product is derived from a band of robbers, who, during the great plague, covered themselves in a concoction of herbs and spices which apparently made them immune to disease. This oil combination is therefore strongly antibacterial both on your skin and in your environment. If the product is vaporised in a room it will also help ease congestion. In this way it has a lovely aroma, the lighter lemon, eucalyptus and rosemary oils, being balanced by the heavier and sweet smelling cove bud and cinnamon oils. 
Must be well diluted before using on the skin. Not for internal use or for children. 

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