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Sea Buckthorn Skin Oil 100mls — £12.99

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This oil contains a 7.5% solution of sea buckthorn oil in pure sweet almond oil. The combination of the two is excellent for the skin. Sea buckthorn because of its properties outlined below, and sweet almond because it is a high quality natural vegetable oil. It will keep your skin firm and young looking. Cosmetics and skin care products made of Sea Buckthorn are valued for their rejuvenating, restorative and anti-ageing action. Sea buckthorn contains a very high content of biologically active natural compounds contained within this dark red oil. It is red because of the high percentage of carotenoids, particularly B carotene and vitamin A. It also contains provitamin A - a precursor of retinol which has been proven to be excellent for skin health. It also contains 35-40% of palitoleic acid - a potent omega 7 acid - which has healing, antiviral, and antibacterial properties. Sea buckthorn is well tolerated by all types of skin. 
The product may be used as a lip salve or in the mouth directly on the affected area. We also have available undiluted sea buckthorn pure fruit oil. 
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