Tea Tree Foot Spray 100mls

Tea Tree Foot Spray 100mls

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Tea tree is a natural antiseptic. May help with athletes foot. Use in your sock drawer to keep socks fresh, spray inside shoes to prevent mildew.

Ingredients: Aqua, Tea Tree Oil, Polysorbate-20, PEG-40 CAH, Alcohol.

Use: Apply as often as desired by spraying onto the skin. Test on a small area of skin before use, avoid contact with the eyes.

Customer Reviews

A more than five star product
This is the best tea tree spray I have ever used. It has a freshness that is missing from other tea tree sprays and I think this must be why it is so effective.

I live with someone who is suffering from the after effects of an emergency major operation. His feet and legs and back have been affected by an irritating rash. I have tried all kinds of solutions as doctors in these Covid times are incredibly busy and only have time to focus on major problems. So I ordered this tea tree spray about a month ago, to try.

I am very happy to report that this spray is having an ongoing positive effect. Tea Tree oil really is a natural antiseptic and this particular product from Summerbee is the best! With daily applications the irritation is slowly clearing up. The spray also has an immediately soothing effect, which is incredibly helpful. I have added the Lemon Eucalyptus spray (received in the last few days) to the process, and am very happy with the overall soothing and healing results.

Highly recommended! A spray to have on hand for whenever an antiseptic is needed. I wouldn't confine its use to feet. Of course, I would also recommend a skin test first, as stated in the product description, just to be sure.

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